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Mary of Oignies ate coarse bread until her throat bled; Ida of Louvain ate only the flowers of a lime tree for 11 days; Bona of Pisa was given money by Christ in a vision to buy a hair shirt; Francesca de Ponziani was visited by demons who beat, whipped, cut her and dumped her in a privy; and at age five Catherine of Sienna was found praying in corners or walking up the stairs saying a Hail Mary with each step.

Choreographed by Amanda Hameline in collaboration with Dancers

Davonna Batt, Sara Ciampa, Krystel Copper and Abby Price 

Premiered April 27 2017 at WestFest Top Floor 

Abby Price and Krystel Copper, photos by Brigid Marz. 

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