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CHOREOGRAPHY: I am interested in the thin line between humor and tragedy, and how to reveal the unexpected ways rules dictate how we function in society. I employ movement, text, sound, and video, to investigate societal norms, and involve my own history as a white cis female to probe how I have benefitted from and butted up against such norms. I grew up intensively studying rhythm tap so rhythm and sound produced by the body are integral to my practice. I have been greatly influenced by (and wrote my graduate thesis on) Adrian Piper and Pina Bausch--artists who are not typically put in conversation, but who both poignantly depict the performance of gender and societal rules.


In my own work, I often use loops and repetition of movement and text for I believe these cyclical structures reflect our perception of time more accurately than capitalist linear temporality. My creative practice also loops between academic research and physical composition in the studio. I create annotated bibliographies for each of my pieces to share the relationship between history, theory, and choreographic creation with my collaborators. Speaking of collaborators, I believe that dance is the dancer, and ensure that performers are engaged not simply as bodies, but as humans. I strive to create a rehearsal space in which everyone can equally contribute their histories. My creative practice is centered around sharing their stories—narrative is not always prioritized, but the lifeblood of the work comes from a belief in the power that revealing oneself has in connecting with diverse audiences, and affecting change. 


My interest in the everyday often leads me to incorporate popular music, TV commercials, and other sounds and sites that make up the ever-present background of Western society. My practice involves engaging with the absurdity of these everyday materials in order to expose and communicate the strangeness of life.

PRODUCTION: Amanda Hameline is a co-founder of the non-profit production company, Amanda + James. Amanda + James works to provide a space for a growing community of young artists to foster their creative drive, to refine ideas into finished productions, and to collaborate with their peers. The environment is interdisciplinary by nature, and the company strives to make conversation between rising artists from as many walks of life as possible. Amanda + James has presented dancer, opera, theater, music and combinations of all these genres at Pioneer Works, National Sawdust, the Hotel Chelsea, Ars Nova, Bas Fisher Invitational, and many other venues from New York to Miami.

BIO: Amanda’s choreographic work has been presented at venues across New York City including CPR, National Sawdust, Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, and Martha Graham Studio Theater; and in Berlin at Lake Studios. She has also created site-specific pieces for a variety of non-traditional performance spaces such as Christie’s New York, Pace Gallery, the Chelsea Hotel and the Moore Building (Miami). She, along with her production company Amanda + James,  was recently awarded commissioning funds and a residency at the Pocantico Center to develop a new work centered around the music of Oliver Messiaen.


Amanda graduated with an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College in 2020 and received a B.A. in American History and Literature from Harvard in 2012.

"Amanda Hameline's choreography is abstract and lucid at the same time."  
-New York Theater Review
"Forceful ... potent ... an intense exploration of female empowerment.", on Caenis

2019 Dance and Choreography Reel