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Choreographer I Curator I Producer I Designer


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CHOREOGRAPHY: I am a choreographer, dancer and designer. I place the mundane in conversation with the strange and use technology–from live sound design to video projection to stacks of cardboard boxes–to augment, expand and contrast the human form. How can we arrange our fleshy selves in relation to the ever-growing landscape of infinite data that seeks to define us? My movement often comes directly from data such as a walking pattern generated from a chart of Brownian movement, a trio calculating where three people would intersect if we each had been walking around the world in a straight line for our whole lives, or a phrase transcribed inside a 27 point cube which tracked my resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and sleep efficiency for two months. I use this semi-meaningless data to confront the profound and fatal insignificance that life inevitably can make us feel. With all this stuff and these ideas, I create works that relish in the mundane and bring about a sense of productive dis-ease. Is it absurd or simply tragic? I’m often not sure and am trying to figure it out.


I studied rhythm tap so rhythm and sound produced by the body are integral to my practice. Within rhythmic structures I often resort to loops and repetition of movement and text because ... everything repeats itself? My creative practice also loops between academic research and physical composition in the studio. I hold an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence (2020) and a BA in American History and Literature from Harvard (2012).

PRODUCTION: Amanda Hameline is a co-founder of the non-profit production company, Amanda + James. Amanda + James works to provide a space for a growing community of young artists to foster their creative drive, to refine ideas into finished productions, and to collaborate with their peers. The environment is interdisciplinary by nature, and the company strives to make conversation between rising artists from as many walks of life as possible. Amanda + James has presented dance, opera, theater, music and combinations of all these genres at Pioneer Works, National Sawdust, the Hotel Chelsea, Ars Nova, Bas Fisher Invitational, and many other venues from New York to Miami. Through Amanda + James, Amanda has also developed a curated interdisciplinary programs for emerging artists such as Pollinate and Dance +

BIO: Amanda has presented evening-length work and split-bills in venues across New York City including CPR-Center for Performance Research, National Sawdust, Coffey Street Studio, Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, and Martha Graham Studio Theater; and in Berlin at Lake Studios. She has also developed site-specific pieces for a variety of non-traditional performance spaces such as Christie’s New York, Pace Gallery, the Chelsea Hotel and in Miami at RAW Pop Up and The Moore Building. Her film work has been featured in the Triskelion Dance Film Festival, ScreenDance Miami, and Exquisite Frame (Dance Place in DC). 

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