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Krytel Copper 


Ache uses cakes as a point of access to investigate desire. Desire is often a positive force. It makes us love other people and create art and enjoy life. But a fear of hedonism can bleed into a productive pleasure, muddling and restraining the possibility of fulfillment. Ache shows the stunted path of an attempt to attain satisfaction. 

Choreographed by Amanda Hameline
Created in collaboration with dancers: Krystel Mazzeo, Emily Smith, Julia Havard and Mersiha Mesihovic 
Premiered at Triskelion Arts' COLLABFEST, September 2013 ​

Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Krystel Copper and Mersiha Mesihovic

Anchor Ache Part II

Sara Ciampa. Photo by Eric Bandiero. 


Ache Part II began with the idea of insane, hysterical tears – liquid developing from nowhere and spurting out uncontrollably followed by frantic gasps of air between sobs. We played with this absurdly sorrowful rhythm and flow in order to access the pain, joy and absurdity of extreme feeling. The rush can be terrifying but then results in a feeling of lightness and freedom; you have lost yourself for at least a moment. This is the appeal of extreme emotion. It can completely consume you – the power of the reaction takes away the pain of the cause.

Choreographed by Amanda Hameline
Created in collaboration with dancers: Ariane Bernier, Sara Ciampa, Krystel Mazzeo and Emily Smith
Choreographic Assistant: Davonna Batt
Premiered at Chez Bushwick Presents: 2Night Show October, October 2014

Krytel Copper. Photo by Eric Bandiero. 

Ariane Bernier, Sara Ciampa, Krytel Copper and Emily Smith. Photo by Eric Bandiero. 

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