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Lucy Kaminsky. Photo by Hunter Canning.


Caenis is a physical theater adaptation of the myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses. When the Lapith maiden, Caenis, is confronted by the imperious Neptune, she must demand the agency she deserves. Enveloped by an epic soundscape within the walls of PACE, the audience journeys with Caenis from prey to protector, from woman to man, and from bystander to culprit. 

March 2016: CAENIS performed at PACE Gallery for seven sold out performances

Written and Directed by Lilleth Glimcher

Choreographed by Amanda Hameline 

Lucy Kaminsky, Rebecca Rad and Isabella Sazak. Photo by Hunter Canning.

Sara Ciampa, Rebecca Rad and Krystel Copper. Photo by Hunter Canning.

Itamar Segev and Lucy Kaminsky. Photo by Hunter Canning.

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