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How much time do we have left?

Premiered May 2023 at Coffey Street Studio

Choreographed by Amanda Hameline in collaboration with performers 

Performed by Amanda Hameline, Sierra Hendrix, Anna Hull, Jace Weyant, and Bridget Haile

At every show, one lucky person will be chosen to be The Audience Member. They will keep time, pay attention, and give the performers a chance to perform.


What are they performing? Themselves, versions upon versions of themselves.


But what you don’t know is…the dancer didn’t make the phrase

But what you don’t know is…what they just said was a lie

But what you don’t know is…someone’s going to come through the garage door at any minute


A projection arrives, layered photos of the dance you’re seeing in front of you. A dance that has been done time and time again, in this room, weeks before you even arrived.

Same space, different time.


How many times have you done this before? A line dance, a piece of choreography, a morning routine.

Repetition as the seam between live and prerecorded.


In the end, going to a show is just people watching

It’s about finding the spectacular in the mundane, the fascination of seeing someone do next to nothing.

-Noa Weiss

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