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Stop It  plays with the arguments we have with others silently in the privacy of our own minds. In a life filled with mundane requirements – the tyranny of the Monday that always comes, every week – the drama of a small disturbance can be alluring. The hatred that we might have for that colleague who chews to loudly; or the girl who is walking too slowly right in front of you on the street; or the man who tells you that ketchup is a low class condiment and your love for it is not justified – how lovely it would be to, just one time, slap Mr. Loud Chewer Slow Walker Condiment Depreciator in the face and tell him how rude, wrong and false he really is. 

Stop It takes these violent impulses from that little small place in our head and puts them in the full body, burlesquing the rush of emotion, urge for release, and that little part of you that deep down thinks that you are the best and everyone else is just wrong. The work lives in a Buster Keaton world of exaggeration and physical comedy, combined with a narration taken from the incessant often absurd dialogue that runs like a ticker-tape between our ears. 

Choreographed by Amanda Hameline

Created in collaboration with performers Ariane Bernier, Sara Ciampa, Krystel Copper and Abby Price

Premiered at Triskelion Arts Comedy in Dance Festival, April 2016 

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