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Walking After

Premiered as a part of Dance + Live Media at Coffey Street Studios May 20 + 21, 2022


We go out walking searching for … something. Order, structure, meaning. Where would we be if we just walked for our whole lives? What if we could measure our lives in terms of linear distance?

Along the way we collect data: the places we’ve been, what happened there, the information we google, the dances we’ve learned. This chaos of information forms into something like maybe a life.

Excuse me.


WALKING AFTER Work in Process 2:

WALKING AFTER Work in Process 1: Where would I be if after birth I just started walking? What if, as it has sometimes felt, my life were one-directionally forward-moving with only momentary glimpses of progress? Jace Weyant and I (Amanda Hameline) have decided to ask these questions by creating Walking After, a new work based on the following principles:  

  1. We each started walking in a straight line when we were born.

  2. We are walking on the Supersurface, a conceptual, architectural project proposed by the Italian avant garde architectural group Superstudio in 1972. 

  3. We meet at some point, which will be determined through a mathematical equation and interpreted through the choreographic process. 

  4. We dance the same dance in as many different locations as possible. 

  5. “Everydayness appears only in the interstices of the gridlines”

It is a piece about the brutal reality of time and the imaginative contortions that shape our perception of time made by two people, aged 31 and 20, who are definitely too young to comment on such a concept, but still will.

Premiered January 8, 2021 online as a part of Dance + the Internet, curated and produced by Amanda + James. 

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